What is NEET Gamers?

NEET is an acronym for the government classification “Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training”, and this classification sometimes gets bundled together with those who have an interest in the 2-D. We’re also very avid Gamers, and thus the combination of these two terms became our namesake, and we almost blew our minds because we didn’t think we were capable of this level of creativity.

That’s not exactly what I meant… what is NEET Gamers?

Oh, well NEET Gamers is a combination of many things. The main dedication of NEET Gamers is that of anime, video games,  and anything that can be classified as “socially unacceptable”. There are two mediums we use to voice our thoughts and opinions of these things: our podcast and our blog.  Our podcast is a weekly (for the most part) adventure where the founders of NEET Gamers (Tamad and Noop) discuss the games they’ve played and the anime they’ve watched for that week. There are also several spin-off podcasts where we thoroughly discuss one specific game/anime/event (Specials),  a certain game or anime decades old (Turn Back the Pendulum), and discussions on certain games and anime that fall under a certain “theme” (unnamed).  All podcasts can be found here on the blog, and can also be downloaded via ITunes.

Our other medium is our blog. It’s our official “website” where we talk about various anime and video games, but in a more causal sense. We post about anything socially unacceptable, figure reviews, video game reviews, event coverage, anime episode reviews, the whole shebang. The fun thing about the blog is that our NEET Gamers team exapnds beyond the eye can see. Noop and I aren’t the only ones who post about things, as our “blog personalities” also freely post and review about what they’ve watched and played. Not only that, but members of the community can participate as well. Occasionally, if community members have reviews or thoughts that they want to see in our blog, then go ahead and contact me so we can set something up. Our blog also has links that lead to other NEET Gamers related places, such as our Twitter, Facebook, and forums.

Please note that this project is more or less an independent one,  focused more on our opinions than news.

How did this project get started?

The idea for NEET Gamers officially came around May 2009, an idea thet stemmed from the inspiration of other video game podcasts and anime blogs. It was a lone project started by Tamad that only consisted of video game podcasts, but Tamad eventually found a partner in Noop (about two weeks later), and they started recording podcasts together. Realizing that they both like anime and games equally, they decided to entend their discussion to cover anime as well, and thus NEET Gamers was turly born. It eventually grew to also having a blog, and inviting others who share the same passion for anime and video games we do.


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