Sorry, but your Princess Lover is in another castle.

Out of all the shows that were premiering this summer season, I told myself that Princess Lover! was going to be one of the few shows that I wasn’t going to touch with a fifty foot pole. It looked like it was the manifestation of everything that I’ve come to hate from budget adaptions of c-tier eroge visual novels: the plot sounded boring, the animation for the anime looked really shitty compared to the VN, 90% of the cast had breasts the size of a fetus, and the anime was bound to follow the path of the ugliest girl with the biggest breasts out of them all. However, after much persuasion from terrible people who seemed to actually be enjoying this show, I finally gave the first episode a chance…

All I can say is holy crap… am I watching the right Princess Lover! here? The premise of the show that the first episode introduced to me was not what I was expecting at all, and it managed to surprise me in the best possible sense. The lucky lad at the center of this harem is named Teppei; not only is he an average-joe stuck in the very middle of the society chain, but he’s also quite proficient in the art of swordplay, and he’s a “badass” for lack of a better term. The first episode opens up simply enough with a touching look at Teppei’s family life, but it’s there when all illusions of this being another lame show stop getting fed down your throat. His family ends up getting assassinated by an unknown killer, and now Teppei’s main motivation is to seek vengeance for his fallen parents. He gets picked up by his godly grandfather who’s voice by Norio Wakamoto (reason enough to watch this alone) who’s the head of the world-renowned Arima business conglomerate; however, he doesn’t give a damn about being the successor to the business, as he only moved in with grandfather so he can get closer to the guy who killed his parents. Oh, I also forgot to mention that he saved the main heroine on the way here in one of the most badass action sequences I’ve ever seen in an anime such as this. It involves cars chasing carriages, impossible motorcycle stunts, combat butlers, and FUCK YEAH Teppei moments. Any sort of explanation would be pointless, as it’s something you would have to experience yourself. Let’s just say that the first episode really hit all the right buttons with me… it had an interesting story introduction, pretty awesome action, likable characters, and a developing love harem that has me intrigued. Hopes up high, I was ready to label Princess Lover! as another sleeper hit this season!

But then I watched the next three episodes after that, and it was then that’s where everything that made the first episode so strong and enjoyable seemed to have mysteriously vanished. Teppei’s main motivation for revenge seems to have been set aside for the real overdone high school romance comedy (sorry, but this is what I’m watching Hayate no Gotoku for), and the characters personalities seems to have really differentiated from the original personalities that I saw in the first episode. Teppei’s change is understandable, as he transforming from a party-hard average joe to a more eloquent and sophisticated man; however, it doesn’t mean I’m happy about it, because I’d rather would have seen the new society adapt to Teppei’s personality rather than vice-versa. Charlotte went from a fun-loving and playful fanservice character to an airhead who doesn’t wouldn’t know what boobs were even if you pointed at the two massive tumors that are swelling from her chest. I thought Slyvia was going to be the tsundere character of this show, but it turns out that she’s too good to have any real interesting personality at all, much less an overused one. Really, the only two characters I’ve grown to like so far are Seika and to a lesser extent Yuu. Thing about Seika is , she isn’t a very popular character amongst the people who are watching this, but I feel obligated to like her simply because she’s the only one with a realistic chest size. Not only that, but she seems to have stolen Charlotte’s playfulness to mix in her her tsundere trait, and she’s the character we’ve learned the most about right now.

The bad thing about this is that I already know Seika’s role is pretty much done, as her “issue” seems to have already been resolved in the course of one episode. Seika isn’t going to be the winner in the end, which means that most of the focus now is going to go to that hag-job of a woman Charlotte and the other two who have yet to get their one-episode worthy dilemna resolved. So this is where I ask… would it even be worth keeping up with this series then? It started off great, but it slowly reduced itself to a heaping pile of generic dog poo, and I already know the ending isn’t going to be anything to scoff at. I’m questioning if it would even be worth my time to watch the anime, or if I should just go play the damn visual novel and go through Seika’s path…

Sorry Princess Lover — you hooked me in at first, but it turns out that that was the real illusion. Perhaps I’ll find the real Princess Lover that the first episode got me to love so much somewhere else.

Extra Credit Question: Oh, and something I’ve completed forgot to ask. How was someone like Nezu allowed to exist, much less get accepted into the social club?


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