Left 4 Exploits

Recently I have been noticing an increase in exploits being used in one of my favorite video games, Left 4 Dead.  Those of you who have bought Left 4 Dead at launch and tried the Versus mode must have experienced the exploits that completely block off exits in No Mercy, one of the 4 campaigns, and you would either have to quit and find a new game, or just wait it out and eventually die.  Only in some cases would you have one of the infected be merciful and unblock the exit.

This became a pandemic when more people starting to abuse this exploit for their own gain.  I myself have witnessed it being done on both ends, being blockaded or watching survivors melee the generator helplessly hoping it would move an inch.  Valve has had complaints and even seen it happening in game and thus they took action.  Of course, they waste no time in patching up this exploit for the PC version of the game, it would take a few months before Xbox 360 owners would be able to play No Mercy without the fear of being blocked.

However, with one exploit down, a few more have taken their place.  The abundance of the “Powershot” exploit and the “Ghost clawing” are being recognized by more and more players in the Left 4 Dead Community.  As it grew to be a problem, Valve took action in beginning to fix these two exploits in which hamper gameplay to an extent.  But, they only patched the PC version.

The console version of the game has been left untouched since the Survival Pack DLC it obtained in April.  And those few months in between, the ability to use these two famous exploits have increased with at least one person on probably every team knowing how to do the “Powershot.”  It presents problems within gameplay as it ruins the gameplay balance for some or a select few would use the exploits as an excuse to just backlash at good teams.  Despite the hefty drawback of “powershooting,” it still presents itself to be an annoyance if players choose to use it during gameplay.  Having a Tank lose 80% of his health in 2 seconds from a distance isn’t something players would enjoy.

“Ghost Clawing” is something that is impossible to prevent unless that player is kicked.  The means of doing so are also quite easy that almost anyone can do it if instructed.  Having a whole team deal at least 20 points of unavoidable damage to a survivor at once really disrupts the balance the game somewhat has.  Even if “Ghost Clawing” may take a significant time before it starts showing signs of harming a team greatly, the fact it is there able to be used by the hands of anyone presents the increasing problem it has.

Though, it makes me glad that Valve will be addressing these problems in the new DLC that is supposed to be coming out in the late summer, more or less August.  It would have been nice if they just shipped the small patch a bit earlier so the Xbox community for Left 4 Dead wouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of exploiters.  The ability to quickly go on Youtube and look up millions of tutorials on how to do these exploits really is troublesome.

Now don’t get me started on the 360 version of Team Fortress 2.


2 Responses to “Left 4 Exploits”

  1. 1 Stuart July 30, 2009 at 12:54 AM

    I don’t know why people do this if they know it’s cheating.

    I’m glad they patched up the elevator trap in No Mercy. That stuff pissed me off.

  2. 2 Jase July 30, 2009 at 6:20 AM

    This is why you play it on the PC, god dammit.

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