NEEDLESS Episode 4 – PedoBlade seal of approval.

With a new fiery ally at hand, Blade and the gang decide to make the next move and find out more about the man targeting them: Adam Arclight. Momiji has connections to an informant known as Disk, who tell them to meet at Iron Mountain, as the information regarding Arclight isn’t free. However, at the same time Arclight has a change of plans regarding Blade, and he now sends a trio of female subordinates to capture him so Blade’s body can become his.

You know, I don’t think anybody couldn’t have seen Arclight and Blade being brothers or clones coming. Turns out it’s the later, and it turns out that Arclight and Blade are the 78th and 79th clone of this project. Although it’s not very likely, it’s more amusing to think that there were once an army of 77 greased-up manly men running around Tokyo, and that honestly would have been a lot more engrossing than the serious plot they’re trying to feed us here (I’m probably getting a lot of strange looks right now). However, the most shocking thing to come out of this plot point was not the mummy filled flashback image, but the realization that the giant lump of something sleeping naked next to Arclight was the very well-endowed lady. For Arclight’s sake, I hope the chick isn’t the one on top.

Looks like Momiji is sticking around permanently, which confuses me as to why. It was brought to my attention last week that Blade hasn’t copied Eve’s powers possibly for the sake of giving her a useful role in all of this (or it’s just not possible, we don’t know the limits of Blade’s powers yet). So then, why have Momiji stick around as an ally? Blade has already copied his powers, and and he’s really not all that fascinating of a character compared to everyone else. He may grow on me as the series progresses, but if someone like Eve can outsmart you, then I can’t help but fear for your future.

Out of all the characters introduced so far, Saten has the best design (he looks like something straight out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) and it looks like he’s the only one out of Simeon would be able to go toe-to-toe with Blade. Another reason would be because his loyalties to Arclight seem to conflict with his own personal desires to kill Blade, but at the same time that lie about not knowing Blade’s whereabouts seemed unintentional as well, so I find it a little interesting.

I also find the unintentional sexual innuendos hilarious, because Arclight now wants Blade’s greased, steaming, muscular body all for himself. Sorry Breasts, but you saggy boobs aren’t enough to please a man with real desires such as Arclight. And I thought Momiji and Blade playing around with their “Little Boys” last episode was bad enough, but either this series is getting worse regarding this or my mind is just getting dirtier. I’ll stop here before I degrade myself any longer.

I also like how Simeon has their own special magical girl Testament fighting force, complete with a magical transformation theme song. That kind of music was the last kind of music I would expect to play with Saten anywhere near the screen.

So now we find out that Momiji knows about this secret know-it-all genie known as Disk, and they travel down into the sewers to hack into a communication system to speak with said genie, but Disk simply tells them that they have to go to Iron Mountain if they want info on Arclight. How long did Momiji know about this informant and when exactly did he pay for the password? Seems counterproductive to me if he goes to follow a baseless rumor instead of going to the informant in the first place, but then again he was outwitted by Eve… On the other hand, those two screencaps above are pretty awesome, and in a sense Momiji is starting to fit in with this ragtag group of wacky rebels. He has a good chemistry with the others, but his position as the group punching bad that would make even Cruz jealous just needs a little more oomph so I can feel that he’s a real part of the team. Oh, and I still think he looks like Gutsman, and his hair seems to get spikier and spikier everytime we see it.

I’ve been pondering ever since the start of this series as to whether or not the seemingly invincible Blade would have a weakness his future nemesis could exploit. Thanks to this little trip to Iron Mountain, it turns out that he has quite a common weakness after all. When one of the very friendly loli trio in the ending is coincidentally about to get raped by thugs over at Iron Mountain… Blade, the man who wouldn’t even save helpless old Gido last episode, went to her aid without a second thought. Blade has a soft spot for girls, but not just any girls, he has a weakness for the older brother loving little-sister loli archetype girl. This humor that the show excels at is the reason why I enjoy it so much; it wasn’t something that I was expecting at all, and I found it absolutely hilarious. And before some individual that will stayed unnamed (Cloud) tries and deny the fact that people with imouto complexes are not amusing, then need I point out another unfortunate fool with the same problem. And to add some icing to the cake, the once unfitting ending could be looked at as what shows up in Blade’s dreams?! Plus once the enemy finds out about Blade’s weakness, I’m sure they’ll have no trouble sending an army of lolis to obliterate Blade, so it’s a win-win situation for me.

So Mio (or Mio-tan, as Blade would say) catches on to Blade’s weakness quick, and deliberately puts on her innocent memory loss act to wiggle her way into Blade’s heart and allow her to be a part of the group. I failed to mention this before, but a sticker of the bear Mio carries around was on one of the magical girl Testaments that were sent to capture Blade, so this isn’t one big coincidence. I think Mio and the other two in her group being lolis might a coincidence, or someone at Simeon knows Blade all too well. Either way, I’m curious as to why Mio is dressed so strangely, why she is separated from the other two, and why she seemingly lost her Testament. Regardless, I imagine her spending time with the group will cause her to conform at some way, and eventually the other will share the same fate and officially join the wacky rebels soon.

The last couple of minutes of the episode is the only time where there’s any real action this time around, but they made up for it by getting my blood pumping up to all the over-the-top attacks while the instrumental version of Modern Strange Cowboy played in the background. Blade, Eve, and Momiji aren’t the only ones busting their buts though, as Mio seems to be stronger than her appearance would let on. Either Cruz is as light as air, or Mio is a very suspicious loli with super strength, yet none of them really seemed to have noticed.

Well then, remember when I told you the amount of lolis making an appearance in this show will increase thanks to Blade’s weakness? Well I was right, and they aren’t pulling any punches by waiting around and evenly distributing them. Turns out that Disk is a loli who’s a lot older than she looks (1000 years old, to be exact), much to Blade’s excitement (he even grows a wagging tail, haha). Not only that, but Mio’s two other loli-ish friends (one of them being a mute too) seem to have reached the outskirts of Iron Tower, and I’m expecting a confrontation between them and Blade’s gang next episode. I already can’t wait, and I’m sure Blade can’t either.

Overall thoughts:
Another enjoyable episode, but I will admit that it took a tiny step back from it’s predecessors. It focused a lot more on story development than crazy action, but to be fair it did a better job in hooking me into the story than the last episode did with a bunch of cranky old men sitting around a conference table.Turns out that Blade and Arclight are clones that are a part of the “Eden Project”, but I find it weird that Blade doesn’t seem to remember, yet Arclight remembers quite clearly. I’m also more curious as to what Saten’s going to do in the future; I was expecting Cruz’s sister to move on to the dark side, but will Saten eventually disobey Simeon in order to fufill his craving for Blade’s blood? I really want to see see Saten in action, because that could quite possibly be one of the few non-one sided fights in this series.

What the show hasn’t faltered in yet is the humor department.This episode further proves that this show isn’t afraid to make of itself, and that in turn allows me to laugh with it, not at it. Most of the quirky humor comes from the interactions of the characters and their zany personalities, and the continuous addition to the character roster not only create new gags, but it also further builds on the existing chemistry. To sum things up, I found the purpose of Momiji’s existence, and the longer the show goes on without taking itself seriously, the more I would probably end up enjoying it.

The show is just all around fun. If it keeps up a good balance of story, action, and humor, then this will continue to be one of my sleeper hits this season.


2 Responses to “NEEDLESS Episode 4 – PedoBlade seal of approval.”

  1. 1 Seinime July 27, 2009 at 2:51 AM

    Hey, story development in Needless. That’s a good thing. Although watching the deformed head in full screen was probably the worst timing to do so.

  2. 2 Cloud July 27, 2009 at 7:02 PM

    Don’t you dare compare to Tomoya to Blade, or anyone in Needless. >:[

    Also don’t be an Assuming Andy, obv.

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