The Valkyria Chronicles sequel that could have been, but never will be…

Maybe theyll implement flag raising events into the battles.

Maybe they'll implement flag raising events into the battles.

Valkyria Chronicles was the best game to come out of last year, and it’s on of my favorite games of all time. After beating it, I’ve always felt that there was tons of potential for a sequel, but I didn’t think it would happen anytime soon because of the game’s rough start and new IP. You can then imagine my excitement when I opened up a lovely news site and saw Valkyria Chronicles 2; however, all that excitement quickly dropped when I actually read about what they’re doing with the series.

The official title is Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Gallia Royal Military Academy. Thing is, it’s going to be on the PSP. I’m not thrilled about that, but they’ve confirmed that the game is still going to run on the CANVAS engine. It’s going to look beautiful, but we won’t have the joy of seeing beauty in its fullest form by playing it on a giant HDTV. One and thing about this is that I rarely find time to play my handhelds these days, and it would be really difficult to play a thought-provoking game like Valkyria Chronicles on the move. That really isn’t the point that worries me though, it’s the premise of the game.

From a first impression point, everything looks like this is just just some VC spin-off game, but they’re calling it the direct sequel. RAITA is doing the character designs again, but the characters look just so goofy and childish. I mean, look at the new Valkyria… she looks just like something straight out of Disgaea, and I don’t know if this is the direction I want this series to take.

Not only that, but the premise of the game is School Life + War. Quite the strange thing to implement into this game, and the first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s going to be similar to something like Persona 3 + 4 or Mana-Khemia. I was icky at first, but I suppose it could have some potential. The school acts as your briefing room, so you get to choose missions from  there and stuff (looks like they’re getting rid of the storybook menu… tch). There will also be school events, and characters will change their outfits as the seasons pass. The thing that interests me about this idea is the possibility of branching story paths. The first Valkyria Chronicles lacked in the replayability department in my opinion, so adding some motive to play over and over would be quite good for this game.

It’s far too early right now for me to confirm how I truly feel about this game, but I’m not as excited as I should have been for a Valkyria Chronicles sequel. This situation looks like it can end up like Final Fantasy Tactics, which I really hope is just a lingering thought. Regardless of what I’m saying right now, I probably will end up loving the game just as much as I did the first… just don’t milk this series the wrong way.

We shall see.


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