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Left 4 Exploits

Recently I have been noticing an increase in exploits being used in one of my favorite video games, Left 4 Dead.  Those of you who have bought Left 4 Dead at launch and tried the Versus mode must have experienced the exploits that completely block off exits in No Mercy, one of the 4 campaigns, and you would either have to quit and find a new game, or just wait it out and eventually die.  Only in some cases would you have one of the infected be merciful and unblock the exit.

Continue reading ‘Left 4 Exploits’

Sorry, but your Princess Lover is in another castle.

Out of all the shows that were premiering this summer season, I told myself that Princess Lover! was going to be one of the few shows that I wasn’t going to touch with a fifty foot pole. It looked like it was the manifestation of everything that I’ve come to hate from budget adaptions of c-tier eroge visual novels: the plot sounded boring, the animation for the anime looked really shitty compared to the VN, 90% of the cast had breasts the size of a fetus, and the anime was bound to follow the path of the ugliest girl with the biggest breasts out of them all. However, after much persuasion from terrible people who seemed to actually be enjoying this show, I finally gave the first episode a chance… Continue reading ‘Sorry, but your Princess Lover is in another castle.’

Marvel VS Capcom 2 out tomorrow


MvC2 will be available on Xbox live tomorrow for 1200 points. I am very excited for this, as I remember playing it at a friends house long ago and having a lot of fun (and sucking) And since Jill Valentine is in it, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t buy this game.

I am very much looking forward to constantly destroying Koromaru having lots of amazing battles with Koromaru!

NEEDLESS Episode 4 – PedoBlade seal of approval.

With a new fiery ally at hand, Blade and the gang decide to make the next move and find out more about the man targeting them: Adam Arclight. Momiji has connections to an informant known as Disk, who tell them to meet at Iron Mountain, as the information regarding Arclight isn’t free. However, at the same time Arclight has a change of plans regarding Blade, and he now sends a trio of female subordinates to capture him so Blade’s body can become his. Continue reading ‘NEEDLESS Episode 4 – PedoBlade seal of approval.’

Damn, I caught the figure fever…

My collection. I'm sure Akihiko isn't complaining.

I never really got into the hobby of PVC figure collecting, mainly because most quality figures are damn expensive and I would have rather bought things I could use and not just display. I don’t know if it’s all the hype surrounding the upcoming Wonder Festival Summer 2009, or just browsing through Hobby Search’ catalog, but I seem to have grown quite fond of those beautiful pieces of plastic. I do have some figures, but my collection is quite pathetic and my shelves are so barren, so now I have dedicated the next couple of dollars I get to increases my figurine collection. They’re expensive, but now I believe it’s well worth it, especially since Hobby Search has this awesome points system going on. So yeah, it’s official, I have succumbed to the ways of figure collecting… and because of this, expect to see more figure posts in this blog too (and less of everything else, harhar).

Out of all the figure categories though, I think the Nendoroids attract me the most. They’re cheap AND they’re cute, so Nendoroid figures get top priority over everything else. :P

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 1-4 – When the Kanons cry.

Back for another week, Umineko no Naku Koro ni continues to surprise me yet again. Let’s waste no time and get into the meat of this thing, since there’s plenty of ground to cover. Continue reading ‘Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 1-4 – When the Kanons cry.’


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